OHHHH for the love of PORK!

OK…… I’m cooking for 2 people…..super simple! I’m marinating pork chops in CANOLA oil (evoo burns too fast save it for your salad! PLEASE!) I threw on some regular mustard, honey, salt, pepper, grill spices. Got a hot grill pan (brrrrr San Diego weather 70 and it’s chilly 😉 ) So this is why we are indoors (BTW it rained for 2 minutes and our flip flops got wet :/ ) I’m a heating my pan – BTW a cast iron pan or USE WHAT YA GOT! 😉 3-4 min per side and speaking of sides…….I’m making life easy….instant WAITTTTTTT Trust me 🙂 a little butter, milk, sour cream and blended cheese…….who has time to peel potatoes 🙂 Super simple watch the game and relax!!!!!! Try it tomorrow!!!!!!